Remote Attendance Expectations

Remote Learning Attendance:

Each day, students will start with a 8am class meeting with their classroom teacher and class. If a student is absent for this meeting, they will be marked absent and your family will be notified. If you know your student will be absent, please call our attendance line: 303-806-2480 OR email

The remote schedule was designed to allow for students to get live instruction from their teacher in the event of having to roll remote, however, we know it will not work for all students and families. To address this, teachers will either record or pre-record lessons for students to access on a time that works for the family. You will see the rolling remote schedules for each class on our website HERE

In order for students to be marked present, they must:

-Participate in the lesson and submit learning assignments

-Turn on camera when asked by teacher (we would like it on during the whole lesson)

-Answer when called on by a teacher

If your student misses live classes during the day and they are able to still complete learning on your own time, an absence will be changed to present within 24hrs. Our goal through rolling remote is to continue learning and supporting your students along the way. Lessons will be a continuation of the work they were doing at school. 

Please reach out to our school office with any questions or concerns.