Students are offered PE, Art and Music on a rotation. They will have specials one time per day and STEAM one time per week. 


P.E. - Physical Education 


In this class students work to develop skills in: Safety, Personal Fitness, Coordination, Fine Motor Skills, Personal Awareness, and making Healthy Choices. Activities include individual sports, team sports, games, equipment use, healthy eating, tobacco prevention, and more. We participate in Field Day, have activities such as the Turkey Trot and Bike to School Day. We spend time outside as well as in the gym, where we have a wide variety of equipment for students - from trampolines to cup stacking and jump roping.


For more information, check out our PE schedule here.









Art & Music

To allow students access to both art and music, Bishop Elementary shares art and music teachers with Cherrelyn Elementary.

This year, the integrated arts teacher swill rotate each semester. So your student received music for the 1st semester, followed by art during the 2nd semester. We look forward to seeing the awesome art and music our Bishop students create this coming year!

Students will be working as artists again in our Bishop art studio during the 2nd semester! Our K-2 cohort will participate in art class during the 3rd quarter and 3-5 cohort will participate during the 4th quarter.  Students will engage in hands-on art making to explore a wide range of styles, materials, and techniques, while working to build their skills of artistry


For more information, check out our art schedule here.

For more information on extra specials and community building, click here.